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We Do Not Sell Timeshares. We are one of the best Marketing and Advertising company for Rentals but in no way do we sell them.

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We do not sell Timeshares. We provide the best marketing to have your timeshare rented. Read below how.

Resort Vacations International uses various marketing and advertising strategies to ensure that your timeshare gets worldwide exposure. The use of aggressive marketing campaigns on Google,  Yahoo! and Bing has given us a dominant presence online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through progressive Search Engine Optimization(SEO) we are able to increase timeshare owner offers, and this leads to more timeshares being rented.

Resort Vacations International also incorporates many marketing strategies including but not limited too, (Travel Agencies, Direct Mail, Event planners, Convention Coordinators, Corporate and Vacationing publications). The marketing and advertising technology that we utilize maximizes the traffic to your online advertisement. Our team is familiar with timeshare resorts both Domestic and Internationally, and we will market your property based on its top-selling timeshare points.

Elevate your vacation property to the top of the renter’s search. Resort Vacations International has become the worldwide solution to renting timeshare vacation ownerships.  Our services will ensure that your vacation property reaches the most potential renters via the corporate market and the vacationing public.  The more people that know your property is for rent the more offers you will get on your timeshare.

We are committed to your satisfaction.  If you are looking to put an end to the ever increasing maintenance fees and taxes every year, Resort Vacations International has a knowledgeable staff that can help design a program specific to your renting needs. With a money-back guarantee, we will work until the timeshare has rented. You pay NO Appraisal Fees, NO Commissions, and NO Broker Fees.

Call today, a Licensed Timeshare Specialist will be awaiting your call.





Renting a timeshare directly from an owner is a great way to save! Not only does renting allow you to enjoy a private suite with all the amenities, but it can be enjoyed without the obligation of annual maintenance fees or the cost of ownership. Plus you can vacation at a luxury resort for a fraction of the resort’s cost.


Once you are ready to rent a timeshare, our licensed and knowledgeable staff will present your offer to the owner. We will also manage the paperwork and help the complete transfer of funds. This will ensure a safe and reliable transaction.


Before you know it you will be on your way to your spectacular accommodations for your company or family.


Are you looking to travel with your company, your family, or your friends? Timeshare resorts feature stylish amenities and famous attractions nearby. You will find luxurious condos perfect for any corporate event or holiday.


Are you interested in renting out a timeshare you own?   Did you know timeshare rentals have become especially popular with corporations and vacationing families? With multiple bathrooms, separate living areas and fully equipped kitchens, renting is a cost-effective way to get the most out of every dollar.  There are thousands of potential renters searching the Resort Vacations International website every day.


Once your timeshare joins our inventory, it will be marketed and advertised on multiple websites as well as other mainstream media for worldwide exposure. Potential renters are able to browse and search through our inventory from the comfort of their office, home, smartphone or tablet until they find the vacation property that fits their needs.  After an offer is made, it is up to you to accept, decline or counter that offer.


Enjoy the added income of renting your vacation property or take advantage of luxury accommodations with Resort Vacations International today! You pay NO Appraisal Fees, NO Commissions, and NO Broker Fees.


Call today, a Licensed Timeshare Specialist will be awaiting your call.